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BUTOTEKA.com is an online shop based in Cracow selling shoes of a London brand Hudson. The company was established as a result of a passion of a couple, which decided to use its extensive experience from the London shoe industry on the Polish market.

Scope of work

  • visual identity creation
  • design and creation of the online shop
  • project and creation of the allegro template
  • strategy and online advertising campaigns
  • product photography of a part of the goods

visit website: butoteka.com

Creating a Brand - logo design

Complex realization of Butoteka online shop involved designing corporate visual identity.
While building the prototype of the website, we simultaneously worked on the logo and the elements of the identification system.

Creation of the image of the brand required adjusting to the distinctive style of the London fashion. Butoteka, like the producer of the shoes sold by it, was also to be associated with a pioneering resurrection of the vintage style.

Online shop

During this project we became particularly interested in customers’ habits.
Our objective was to create a customer-friendly shop where every customer would be able to purchase with pleasure.

"People ignore design    
that ignores people"

- Frank Chimero

Functional user-friendly solutions

Even 59,8% e-shops customers leave baskets at the final stage of placing an orders.

There are plenty of reasons of such customer behaviour. Complicated order placing system is one of them.

We can’t accept the situation when nearly 60% of customers who add a product to the basket, then leave the shop without placing an order.
In case of Butoteka.com website we optimally simplified the whole process.

...since then the owners have been receiving approving e-mails from customers with respect to the user-friendly system of placing orders.
The fastest sold out women model
      in the history of Butoteka.

Advertisment campaigns

Marketing without design is lifeless, and design without marketing is mute.
- Von R. Glitschka
We carried out online advertising campaigns for Butoteka. Banners were displayed in art & fashion related blogs.

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